Safety and commitment


Les Ovalies is committed to fostering a safer, more inclusive environment. To this end, the organizing members have taken part in a number of training courses, and do their utmost to ensure that the event is a success. Security cameras are also installed on and around the site.

Forbidden Items

  • A palpation will be carried out at the entrance to the site, and bags will be searched by our security staff.
  • A preliminary list of prohibited items on the site has been drawn up.
  • The organizing team reserves the right to confiscate prohibited items and to call the public authorities in the event of illegal substances being brought onto the site.

Security guards will be present on and around the site to ensure compliance with internal regulations.


  • Members of the organization were trained in PSC1 (Prévention et secours civique de niveau 1), and GQS (Gestes Qui Sauvent).
  • We are also aware of the fight against sexist and sexual violence through Consentis


  • The Croix Blanche will be present on our site at the first-aid post in conjunction with the hospital center.
  • Help will be on hand for all activities: sports, evening events, accommodation, day trips…
  • LThe CHU de Beauvais will be present at a stand to raise your awareness of neurology.

In the evening, there will be an opportunity to take an alcohol test to ensure road safety (we remind you that driving under the influence of alcohol is forbidden). (We remind you that driving under the influence of alcohol is forbidden.) This device and SAM bracelets will be available in the SAM tent.


  • Parking is limited to a height of 1m90, so vehicles larger than this are not allowed.
  • A preliminary list of prohibited items in the parking lot has been drawn up.


  • Each team will be individually guided around the Ovalies site by a Unilasalle student, the organization’s referent.
  • A quiet zone will be set up at the entrance to the SAM tent.