The Ovalies Media division team is responsible for publicizing the event and increasing its notoriety locally, regionally and nationally.

For this, its members are responsible for communicating on the various events and news to the media. In order to be relevant and reach as many people as possible, all media media are used: paper media (magazines, newspapers, advertising posters, etc.), audio media (radios) as well as digital media (televisions). This involves, for example, communicating to them the identity of the sponsor(s) for the upcoming edition or the amount that will be donated to the sponsored associations following the event.

The members of the Media division team are the privileged relay between the journalists and the Ovalies office. Contact with the media makes it possible to relay information to a wider audience. Partnerships can sometimes be considered to create special links with an information relay. The members of the Media Department are also responsible for managing and planning media visits during the Ovalies so that they can obtain as much information as possible.

The media division team has surrounded itself with several renowned partners, such as the newspaper “Le Parisien” or the radio station “NRJ Oise” who regularly mention the Ovalies UniLaSalle.

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