After 28 years of friendship, sportsmanship and generosity, the team behind the 29th edition wants to perpetuate these values through the biggest university rugby tournament in Europe. This year, our aim is to push back the frontiers of Europe and extend our tournament internationally. These values that we carry and defend are all the more highlighted on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup and on the eve of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Since the creation of the Ovalies UniLaSalle in 1994, over half a million euros have been donated to the associations we support. Because commitment, mutual aid and self-sacrifice are inseparable from the spirit conveyed by rugby, this year we are committed to taking up the challenge with passion, desire and determination, and scoring a try together!
That's why you, the players, help to ensure the success of this charity event, which makes us so proud. On behalf of Team 2024, we thank you in advance for your commitment, which is so important to the development of our association. Come and share this essential moment of solidarity, conviviality and sportsmanship with us, and return transformed!
Long live the Ovalies!


We look forward to seeing you on May 9, 10 and 11, 2024 for the 29th edition of the UniLaSalle Ovalies!


Rugby tournament

3 tournaments, 80 teams. Men's XV, women's VII, men's and armchair. There's bound to be a tournament to suit your team.

Cherleading tournament

Do you like to twirl? Do you have rhythm under your skin? This trophy is for you: get your choreography ready and come and challenge the other schools.

Supporter's tournament

If you're not registered on the rugby team and you're not one of the pompoms, you can also take part in the Ovalies! Come along and cheer on your team and get the atmosphere going.

For these three tournaments, registration includes .

3 meals a day for the 2 days of the tournament

Access to the campsite

One drink a day

Free Thursday evening

- 10% off the edition polo shirt

Register now!

Join us in the village from 4pm on Thursday May 9 and on Friday May 10 and Saturday May 11, 2024 for the tournaments.

Registration steps

  1. Upon receipt of your registration form, the team manager will receive an e-mail to confirm your online pre-registration request. Your pre-registration will be confirmed on receipt of your deposit cheque.

2. A second form will then be sent to the team manager to fill in the names of the players and their contact details.

3. Each player will then fill in his or her personal details and insurance documents (details to follow).

4. Finally, receipt of payment will confirm the team’s definitive registration.


Deposit for pre-registration :

600 € for a rugby XV team

300 € for a rugby VII team

400 € for a cheerleaders team

200 € for a wheelchair rugby VII team

For fans:

400 € from 1 to 50 fans

600 € from 51 to 100 fans

800 € for more than 100 fans

Please make your deposit cheque payable : Ovalies UniLaSalle, and send it to the following address::
Ovalies Unilasalle
19 rue Pierre Waguet
60026 Beauvais Cedex
A second confirmation e-mail will follow receipt of the deposit cheque. This will be cashed only in the event of withdrawal or damage during the event.


Payment by February 16:

45 € per student in rugby XV , VII men & women, and pompon

20 € per student in wheelchair rugby

40 € per student supporter

Payment after February 16th :

55 € per student in rugby XV , VII men & women, and pompon

25  € per student in wheelchair rugby

45  € per student supporter

Any questions? Follow us on Instagram @recrutement_ovalies to keep up to date on future registration steps!